Summer Hair
How to best look after summer curls
How to style children's curly hair
The relentless quest for the “perfect head of curls” is very real . As a mum of three curly girls, my journey has involved a plethora of products and methods that I have tried and tested to achieve that curly look. I have even gone as far as developing my own organic curl care product range for curly kids to help me to reach that curly nirvana.
Oils aint Oils
Here is a list of some of the best natural oils/ingredients that can be beneficial for curly hair. This list is by no means exhaustive, however, if you can find products with these ingredients, you are on your way to finding the right products to help your child have healthy curls.
Co wash curls
Trade your towel in for perfect frizz free ringlets
Dry your child with a towel but keep it away from their curls!!
Water logging
Washing your curls frequently can lead to dry frizzy curls.
How do I look after my curly child's hair?
The object of any curly hair regime is to maintain healthy curls. Here are some simple tips to help simplify your curly journey.
Focus on Hair porosity rather than curl pattern when learning how to care for curls
When learning how to style your child’s hair, look at their curl pattern. Any curl pattern can achieve any style, but the difference is in the technique.
Curly kids need children’s hair products
Caring for our children’s hair is different from caring for adult hair. While the growth cycle may be the same, it is important to ensure that the onset of hair growth is not disrupted with harsh hair care products.