Curl Care Range

Clarifying Cleanser

A deep cleanser specifically designed for curly hair to easily remove all impurities and styling products build up. 50mL

Conditioning Cleanser

A nourishing cleanser that is formulated with only mild surfactants to cleanse hair easily without causing irritation. Gentle for curly kids. 250mL
$23.00 incl tax

Moisturising Rinse

A deeply moisturising rinse to leave curly hair silky, soft and shiny. Suitable to be used as a part of co-washing routine. 250mL
$23.00 incl tax

Hydrating Mousse

A superbly hydrating mousse, to deeply condition your curly hair leaving it tangle free, soft, glossy and looking healthy. 200mL
$18.00 incl tax

Conditioning Oil

Deeply nourishing and easily absorbing hair oil to give curly hair an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue. 100mL
$15.00 incl tax