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Create healthy gorgeous curls with our amazing range of Curl Care products. Out of Stock


The beginning of a great curl care routine begins with washing away build up from products and dirt from of the scalp and curls. The Starter kit provides a variety of ways to nourish your hair from the outside in.

By using the curl care range as a system, your scalp and hair is being nourished with specific proteins, vitamins and ingredients specially selected for curly hair, creating the perfect environment for unbelievably gorgeous curls for the entire family.

The Starter Pack includes the full range of products you need to get started on caring for your childs curls to create unbeliveable curls. The pack includes:

  • Clarifying Cleanser- for the initial wash only
  • Conditioning Cleanser
  • Moisturising Rinse 
  • Hydrating Mousse- which is a great leave in with natural sunscreen properties
  • Conditioning Oil- a fantastic product to use as a moisture sealant
  • Also a bonus Curl Care cap to scrunch out excess water. 

Get onboard with the Curl Revolution today!

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Manufacturer: Curl Care
$89.00 incl tax
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